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Webworm GenTech

Sunday, February 24, 2008

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Sharing digital information via file hosting website such as MediaFire, DocStoc, PalShare, Drop-It, RapidShare, Mihd, etc. However, those files uploaded may be just a small or medium size ( less than 100mb)

Nevertheless, movie file would be a nightmare for uploader, downloader and web server. Download movie files via torrent seed is one of the common method nowadays. However, we have experiencing there are many "fake" torrent out there. To avoid frustration of downloaded "fake" torrent, SeedPeer is providing FREE torrent verifying service. Basically, SeedPeer will test torrent seed, once verified genuine torrent, it will be parked at Verified torrent page and you can be assured that the torrent is "downloadable". You may submit torrent seed for verifying via Submit page. In additional, it reported number of peers in sharing similar file.

2-cents comment
To avoid your time lose for downloading non-genuine torrent, i would recommend to use this service. What about those torrents not listed in the Verified torrent page ? You may submit for verification via Submit page. SeedPeer is expert in this area and they are willing to perform this seed verification for FREE and you are saving your effort of download and to avoid frustration.

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