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Webworm GenTech

Saturday, February 16, 2008

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Nowadays most websites are equipped with RSS Feed and via feed reader (e.g. Google Reader) you will be notified for update of any web pages within a websites. What about those websites do not comes with RSS Feed ?

Update Scanner, a Firefox add-ons is the utility that you need. You may monitor update of any website as long as you include it in the scan list. In addition, those are being updated will be highlighted in yellow (See below image). Huh...such an awesome utility.

You may just install this Firefox add-ons for website update notification. One of pre-requisite is you may equipped with Firefox. Install Firefox now...

There are some features available in this add-ons.
  • Choose website scan interval
  • Highlight changes
  • Ignore minor changes is allowed
  • Full international support
As blogger i like it very much as it helps me to monitor lost link in my blogs. In many cases, some key words in your website or blog may link to other website or blog. In the event linked page is remove, it will shown in gray to signify removal of this page. Apart, in the event linked page updated with new information, you will aware and take necessary response to it.

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