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Webworm GenTech

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Emerging of new cell phone technology i.e. 3G tech results many existing cell phone users get it old cell phone replaced in order to enjoy new features... What will you do we the old cell phone ? Collect them into a plastic beg like shown in the following image.

Next, donate it to school for charity or give to others who need it. Never dump it into the dustbin like other solid waste. It potentially end-up open burning, release toxic gas and polluting atmosphere. In many country, disposing electrical appliance not in proper manner is ILLEGAL...Now...You may have another way to "dispose" it.

CellForCash is a place where you can recycle your cell phones for FREE and get some cash in return. The process is pretty simple. FIND your cell phone model in the listing, SUBMIT your request of free postage paid box, SEND cell phone and receive the cash. (Click HERE to reach the page)

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