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Webworm GenTech

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One day you decided to build a website or own a blog but you have insufficient capital and maintenance capability for a dedicated server, you probably will think of hosting your website in one of million server providers out there. As usual let "google" it...see the results. Google return with 47.2 million links... How to select best web hosting provider ?
There are many parameters affecting performance of a server. One of the parameter out of many is the speed of the server and one of the factor affecting speed of the server is site number hosted by the server as server will slow-down with high traffic. If you ask the sever provider, you may get true answer from the server provider. Using myIPneighbors can advise you number of sites hosted in particular server.
IP address will return 202 sites whislt will return 9 sites. Thus you may consider to host at the later server.

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