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Webworm GenTech

Monday, September 17, 2007

BlogRush created by John Reese now is at it beta test period...as a buzz to kick start marketing effects for his main site income.com.
is an GREAT idea and it is a FREE service that was created to help bloggers to create more traffic to their blog. It basically is a simple blog widget that you can install on your blog and show other people’s blog post.
By adding the BlogRush Widget to your blog, your blog can get instant distribution for your recent post titles across a network of related blogs. See the BlogRush widget below.
Let say your blog has 100 page views, your recent post will displayed 100 times on other related blog that has BlogRush widget installed.This does not mean it will bring you more traffic however, this probably will increase the exposure to the world. The good thing is more exposure rate, higher the conversion to a traffic to your blog.

BlogRush has a system called "syndication credits system". You as BlogRush user can earn "syndication credits" based on you own traffic as well as the traffic of blog that you referred to BlogRush. This extends to 10 level...Guys...it is hot now...implement it in your blog now.

Click HERE
to reach BlogRush...

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