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Webworm GenTech

Monday, February 11, 2008

Display problem ? Click HERE

With this clipmarks, you may share new information that you found out in any websites with any peoples as you wish via multiple platform such as Blogger, Facebook, MySpace, website, etc. The content can be captured just SINGLE CLICK... In addition to publishing the captured content in the mentioned platforms, you can sent to anyone with email clips. You also can captured the content for your own view in future.

Personally i see the utility is great and very useful. As you read any contents in any website, you find the content is important, you can just captured and temporary park it for future reference or access in detail when you are free. You can treat as "Bookmark" for content and website.

As blogger, you may read a lot of article but somehow you may want to capture those content for reader reference... you may use this utility.

As blogger you may want to get more traffic and you don't want your reader bored with long conntent, huh... clipmarks is properly help you a lot.

Let see a the clipmarks i have created. Your readers only need to browse the 1st and 2nd paragraph. Interested user can click to read in detail.

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