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Webworm GenTech

Thursday, October 11, 2007

is one of the important website providing blog search engine services to bloggers. It provide ranking to blog and track the incoming links to blog. The following images shows the incoming links to famous blogs for last 90 days.

(Click images to view recent 90 days incoming links to dedicated blog)





From the incoming links, you may understand magnitude of reaction from other blogger and the criticality and important of your post. Example, since the launching of BlogRush widget, BlogRush receiving very high back links. However it decayed slowly as BlogRush team is carrying out the manual Reviewing and every bloggers are waiting for the new changes.

How to generate Incoming links graph
Pretty simple...enter the following URL to browser address field. It will generate a graph of incoming links to your blog for a given period using a Technorati URL.


  • XXX - Blog address (drop http:// e.g. www.blogrush.com)
  • ## - Period e.g. 90 is for 90 days period
  • Width & height number e.g. 460 & 200 can be changed as you wish.
You may click above images to view the performance of those famous blogs for past 90 days.

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