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Webworm GenTech

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

WidgetBuck$ launched today ! It is another a brand new money making option for blog & website owner. Not very how success this new stuff will works, however many "Blogger King" such as JohnChow, Problogger, etc have positive feedback and insight on this advertising option.

Problogger : "I’m yet to test it live on my sites as it is brand new - but from my initial looking over of the service I’d say that it has promise."

JohnChow : "WidgetBuck$ is ideal for technology and shopping related sites and blogs"

The WidgetBuck$ quite similar to Google Adsense. Whenever a reader clicks on the widget and visits the advertiser, you make money as it works on Pay-Per-Click model. Your visitors do not have to make a purchase from the advertiser. As claimed by WidgetBucks, early test shown that it could reach $3 to $6 eCPM.

WidgetBuck$ works with Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, Movable Type, and other large blogging platforms and easy to install and customized. While getting the code for the widget, you can choose category which suit to your theme and topic. Fairly easy to use.

WidgetBuck$ also claimed that it is in compliance with Google Adsense.

Great NEWS !!! For new sign-up, you will get $25 in your account and you only needs to make another $25 to cash out your money. Isn't it great ?

Why not try ? Click to TRY

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