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Webworm GenTech

Friday, September 28, 2007


FREE domain for your blogs !

All blogs and websites owner would like to own a dedicated and professional website. As most visitors would visit / revisit those blog / website which is providing good, relevant & reliable content. Many well known and successful webmaster said that content is the "king". This is really true in many sense.

Other than the content, the blog / website must looks "professional". Blog / Website design is one of the major contributor to professional looks. Some visit may also look the domain name. This is main element that will be discuss further.

It a website's content related to Nuclear technology with a domain name of http://nuclearinfo.111.com/ (illustration only) visitor may loose it confident to the website regardless of the content. What if http://Nuclearinfo.NASA.com ? Isn't it better feeling and looks more reliable ? This is one of the psychology factor of visitor where every blog/website owner shall keep in mind.

Now CO dot CC offer free domain names ( like myblog.co.cc ) that have no annoying or visible advertisements and are easy to remember. Infact CO dot CC is offering a FREE domain redirection service.

One of my blog name as http://webwormcpt.blogspot.com/, it has the another domain name http://www.wwcpt.co.cc/ free from CO dot CC , the second domain obviously looks "professional".

Second benefits is once you registered to CO dot CC, it will be tabulated in the CO dot CC site listing. This probably increase your blog/site exposure to the world.

Third benefits... You may submit your "new" domain name to major search engine such as GOOGLE, YAHOO, ASK, etc. This will duplicated your exposure to the world and increase traffic to your blog/website.

Why not make it a trial ?
CLICK to CO dot CC

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