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Webworm GenTech

Sunday, September 30, 2007

While conducting crawl this morning, found this ClutterMe. Very simple page (i suppose Mark & Alex wanna adopt "simple" approach likes GOOGLE...). This make me more curious and explore further ClutterMe.

ClutterMe looks like simplified wiki page where anyone in anywhere at anytime can edit the page with authenticate controls. It adopted SIMPLE "drag-n-drop" approach. Anyone with almost zero web page experience can create & edit web page. It also adopted the WYSIWYG concept.

This concept promote NETWORKING and SOCIALIZATION. It promote more interaction , communication and collaboration among the group and minimizing gaps between netizen.

Below are two video clip available to illustrate further how ClutterMe works.

ClutterMe still under BETA testing period. I have signed up to get a chance to test out this FREE (i guest) product and now is awaiting Mark & Alex's consideration.

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posted by Webworm INTech, 8:18 AM


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