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Webworm GenTech

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sketchcast is a FREE online whiteboard for you to do your FREE writing and sketching. You may sketch anything as you wish.Entire process of sketching will be recorded but you may paused it at any time. You may choose to include voice or ignore this features. With this tool you can draw, write, record and at the same time having fun online while explaining something to the viewer.

Sketchcast equipped you with digital pen, text button, eraser and a color pellet. You may use it to sketch formula. Pretty useful tool for teacher or professor to conduct online lecture for distance learning.

This service is FREE for all registered user. Entire procedures involved 3 simple steps :
  • Sketch
  • Review
  • Publish
After you have published your works, you may put in description to better understanding. You may put in you website or blog URL so that other can reach you. It is a simple FREE way to drive traffic to your site. You may also copy the HTML code and put any website and page as you wish.

Following is my first sketch. Pretty simple...

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