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Webworm GenTech

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I have been using Chinese Star for quite sometime. I have never think of change out this Chinese character input method. Only recently i encounter some problem with some crashes with my computer and resulted weird performance of Chinese Star and auto shutdown of my computer. This has lead me to looks for another option. One of them is Google HanYu PinYin Input method. I have been knowing this many months ago. Somehow too much rely on Chinese Star and never try it out.

Google Lab has launched its FREE Hanyu PinYin Input method since April 2007. Have spend sometime to learn the main features of this FREE software.

The main features of Google HanYu PinYin Input Method :

  1. Intelligent sentence building with smart high accuracy word interpreting and choice including support for long phrases or sentences.
  2. Integrate popular vocabularies and phrases from Internet and web searches for richer phrases database.
  3. Able to personalize the Chinese character input method where your usage habit and personal dictionary are linked with Google Account, and can be sync and used everywhere on other computer on the Internet.
  4. Input box for Chinese language is also the input box to search the web by simply clicking on a button.
  5. Intelligent error correction for commonly misspelled words.
  6. Support user defined short phrases for some special shorthands.
  7. Able to suggest English word based on the first few letters typed to ease the process to enter English input in Chinese input environment without the need to switch input language to English or Chinese by preceding the strokes with letter v. This function will also help users who have problem spell English words.
  8. Support Hanyu Pin Yin acronym and fuzzy phonetic for speakers from different areas that may pronounce a alphabet differently. When enabled, sounds in zh, sh, and ch can be represented by z, s, h.
  9. Google Chinese PinYin input method dynamically adjust the order of the Chinese words or phrases selection sequence based on the past usage frequency.
  10. Support input of traditional Chinese (Big5 or GBK character set).
  11. Provides GBK large font resources (extension of the GB2312 character set).
  12. The most frequently used words and phrases will always been shown first to speed up typing speed.
  13. Support also stroke input method for uncommon words that users may not aware of its phonetics. To enter stroke input mode, simply start it with the letter ‘u’.
Click HERE to reach Google HanYu PinYin Input Method page


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