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Webworm GenTech

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Email is one of the communication media which is almost used by everybody. It's been used widely in commercial, public, government, and some other important websites. Other than memorize it and type it and inform to you friend, counterpart, you may use Email Logo. One of the benefits to use Email icon is you can minimize spam email to your mail box.

Here is the very simple procedure to generate Email icon :
  1. You must have an email address
  2. Open this weblink for the Email Icon Generator.
  3. Now enter you Email address and select email hosts like yahoo, gmail.
  4. Then click on generate.
  5. You can either copy the URL (in red) to show the image or you can save the image on your computer.
NO registration is required. You can generate Email Icon anytime and any place as you wish. I have used Email Icon generator to generate my email address. Wow ! Cool !

To minimize spam and increase professional looks, let's TRY Email Icon generator.

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posted by Webworm INTech, 8:25 AM


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