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Webworm GenTech

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


We delete unwanted files from time to time. Normally operating system do not really removed them from your hard disk. However, it will temporary keep in the Recycle bin. In the event you would like to recover deleted file, you just have to open up the Recycle bin and restore it back to original location. This is a pretty good feature as you can recover accidentally deleted files.

Whenever the Recycle bin is full, then the operating system will remind us to permanently removed them from Recycle bin. Once we agreed by clicking OK, then the files is so called "permanently" removed from hard disk. Common computer user like us will believe the files is permanently removed. In actual fact, it still stay in your hard disk. Computer geek still capable of recover those so called 'permanently" removed files with some tricks.

If you really wants to permanently delete some files without possible of recovering them by anyone, what shall we do ? Yes. File Shredding.

File Shredding is an activity wiping your files from computer, totally and securely so it cannot be restore by anyone with any technique. Basically file shredding is operates in a very simple manner. It works by overwriting the files over and over again so the original contents is removed from your hard disk.

You may do this activity manually. However, you may do it using the following File Shredder program which has been developed and FREE for all under GNU license. You may read the Online help here.


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