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Webworm GenTech

Friday, February 1, 2008

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Sprout, a website that allow you to built a simple flash, generate HTML code, publish it in your own website. It just launched on Jan 28th 2008 and now in BETA test period. You can build flash with video clip, mp3 song, images, text, etc After you have installed into you website or blog, you may change the content any time as you wish without touching the code. What you really needs to do is modified the flash in sprout website. The flash will change automatically.

Another great features that i like the most it anyone can copy the code from the flash that you have published in your blog or website and publish in their own website or blog. It simplifies the multiplication, distribution, etc. The powerful feature here is after you have modified you flash content, all websites or blogs will changed accordingly. This could be a very powerful tools to marketer with limited web programming knowledge.

Read more detail in following video clip.

Following is a simple flash that i made from sprout. You may find it different in near future, next trip you revisit the post again. If you wish, you may just copy it into your blog for fun.


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