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Webworm GenTech

Sunday, January 27, 2008

MediaFire is a FREE file and image hosting web site. Similar to other file hosting website such Docstoc. There are number of features which i like the most :
  • Registration is completely optional and you may choose to create an account for easy management.
  • Unlimited number of file (limited to 100 MB per file) and disk space (as of now). Virtually no limitation.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and download
  • No WAITING (like RapidShare)
  • No daily download limits
  • No download speed limits
  • Allow Multiple simultaneous downloads
Other features would be quite similar to other file hosting website.

If you are hosting of files in other website (like RapidShare, MIHD, etc), i don't see why you to try MediaFire.

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posted by Webworm INTech, 3:26 PM


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