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Webworm GenTech

Friday, December 14, 2007

Amit from Digital Inspiration posted "The Most Organized Office Workspace" yesterday. Some inside office pictures of Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Al Gore are posted.

Bill Gates's Office

Six sense informed me that not very if this is really his office (i mean his staff's office). Monitor at the site table. This is typical for a working staff who has insufficient space. I don't think Bill will have "insufficient space". Don't you agree with me ? On the other hand, it shows that Bill is an ordinary people who pay too much attention on other non-IT related stuff. As for IT-related stuff, he will use the most up to date equipment. Looks at the hand held "E-book" and e-pen...

The table looks made from a low quality artificial material (made from petroleum derivative) which commonly given to staff. A multi-billionaire should have high quality original material in order to be more presentable to potential customer. On the other hand... again it support above guess...

One common observation for CEO level people is the table is pretty clean as compare to working or executive level people. They attend meeting, discussion, negotiation, decision making, etc. All paper works will be carried out by his/her staff. Thus his/her office will only need video conference facilities, telephone, computer with internet connected (wireless) and TV.

Steve Ballmer's office

Again, the room is so small. Like study room for female student. His office facing tree and greenery rather than high rise building...it shows that he is soft hearted people and love nature...Again it support with well organized working space...

Al Gore's office

Guh...one word for him...MESSY...second for him...YOU HAVE NO GOOD PLANNER...Report, papers, notes located everywhere...No good assistance help to organize his daily works... It is a typical office for those genius and professor who normally works to generate and contribute knowledge, invention, innovation, etc to the world. It partially implies that Al Gore is a knowledge worker...


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