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Webworm GenTech

Friday, February 22, 2008

Display problem ? Click HERE

Spottt allows websites and blogs to exchange links with each other. Using Spottt your websites or blogs will appear in other website or blogs (who has signed up with Spottt and installed Spottt javascript in thier website or blogs) which are in similar category (choose by you). This increases the exposure of your websites and blogs to the public (targeted visitor).

Simple steps :
  • Sign-up with Spottt
  • Create you own Ads (will be displayed in other website)
  • Installed javascript (created by Spottt)
Spottt in nature is pretty similar to BlogRush. The only thing BlogRush display post and text while Spottt display image.

2-cents opinion
Many of you are aware that Google has recently manually adjusted (drop) page ranking for those site with Textlink and Pay-Per-Post. It is a surge to website and blogging industries. This Spottt is having some degree of similarity. However, as Spottt do not really sell link, thus, it is pretty different than Textlink and Pay-Per-Post.

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