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Webworm GenTech

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Display problem ? Click HERE

Computer Virus is one of major thread to many of us. It could be a nightmare and disaster to us if we do not take necessary precaution and action to avoid our computer infected. PREVENTION is always better than CURE. There are many reliable virus scanning softwares like McAfee, Norton, AVG, etc available in the market and most of them has available certain FREE version for public. You may check out in DOWNLOAD-dot-com by clicking here. If you read carefully the review and rating on these software, somehow you will find that NO one anti virus is perfect and they are compliment between each and other. Install all anti-virus softwares into a computer may potentially leads to crashing between them.

Virus-Total has worked out a very smart solution for us and it is FREE. Virus-Total has included invited most anti-virus software provider such as McAfee, Norman, AVG, DrWEB, etc participate in this project (details participant - click here) You may submit your file and your file will be scanned by all the participant software.

I have tried it out and see the following result.

Surprisingly, NO one give any problem except Prevxl indicated "Suspecious Self Modifying File". In this case you should take extra precaution on this file or double check with your source.

Submission via email
In addition to online file submission, you may also sent file for scanning via email for scanning purpose. Read the detail procedure HERE.

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