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Webworm GenTech

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


AVUN is search engine likes other search engine. It is powered by GOOGLE. One of the special features that AVUN has here is it contain a pull-down menu for selected site by the webmaster. This site are generally FILE SHARING websites like RapidShare, Megashare, 4shared, Megaupload, etc. See following snapshot.


AVUN user do not needs to remember the specific name for FILE SHARING website. User just needs to choose from the pull-down menu. As compare to RapidShare1 and RapidLibrary (as proposed by one of GenTech visitor), user do not limited to specific FILE SHARING website.

Another good features about this search engines is the search engine is effective and fast. This credit should be given to GOOGLE as it is powered by GOOGLE. A simple search term "Resident Evil", the results display 72 links within 0.48 seconds which is pretty fast.

Try it out and share your experience.


posted by Webworm INTech, 6:42 AM


Nice, i like avun.com. Thanks for info.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, February 5, 2008 at 2:20 AM  

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