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Webworm GenTech

Saturday, July 12, 2008

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In earlier post "Convert Photo & Movie to Animated Image ONLINE...", it has discussed the way to convert few photos into an animated photo online for FREE via Gickr. Nevertheless, one of the requirement of Gickr is to display domain name in every animated image made by Gickr.

Just found a new animated image maker online, gifmake, another FREE service provider to convert several photos into an animated image file. gifmake is pretty simple to use. Only 3 steps to make an animated image for FREE :
  1. Upload file
  2. Set delay time & image size
  3. Generate & download image file
See demo here.

One of the great advantage compare to Gickr is the domain will not be displayed. Presently gifmake only allow gif, jpeg and png file. You may provide the photo url or upload from you computer.

Click to try gifmake.

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