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Webworm GenTech

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Writing Paid Review is one the way to made easy money online. To many people who like to promote stuff, talk about some new thing and show they are talented, Writing Paid Review is a way while making money at the same time.

Recent Google page rank "downgrading" activities done by Google has scared many publisher and blogger stop writing for Paid Review as it affect Google Page Rank. Nevertheless, they are some blogger out has worked out a simple trick to avoid this "downgrading" activities.

The trick is to ban Google’s crawler from certain pages (Paid Review Pages) on the website by adjusting the website robots.txt file.

The trick may avoid Google's crawler browsing your website and it can "hide" from Google's crawler. Nevertheless, one shall understand that the "downgrading" activities could be done manually. This still potentially create certain risk.

Second point is as Google's crawler do not "browse" the "Paid Review Pages", it will not be indexed and displayed in the Google Search results. This will seriously affect the main intention of Page Review.

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