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Webworm GenTech

Monday, May 26, 2008

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I have been told or heard many times that to increase a lifespan of battery in laptop is to disconnect it from the laptop when your laptop is power by external power source. One of the reason which i think is reasonable correct is the laptop is constantly charging the battery when it is permanently connected. All electronic device is having lifespan of repeating or cycle activities. BY disconnecting battery, it reduce the preserve and reduce the charging activity and relatively it increases battery lifespan.

Another reason heard is charging battery should be conducted for complete cycle to increase the lifespan of battery. The complete cycle means you charge the battery to maximum and use it till the power is completely consumed and then recharge again. Continuously connect battery to laptop mean this cycle is repeated continuously and you can imagine how destructive you connect battery to a laptop.

Well... you may expose to data lost in the event of external power down while your battery is disconnected. This is the risk that you have.

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