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Webworm GenTech

Sunday, May 25, 2008

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How long you need to walk from Musee Du Louvre to Notre Dame Church ? Google Map would be able to help you. Get in the Google Maps and look for Musee Du Louvre & Notre Dame Church (click here). Look for "My Map" on the top-right and click follow by checking the "Distance Measurement Tool". Check the "Metric".

Back to the map and start you tracing step. Google Maps uses straight line to estimate distance and you have to trace the complete route by continue clicking along the route. See following images.

As you trace the route, Google Maps will continue to accumulate the distance. Now normally you will get about 1.73 km following the above traced route.

A normal person walking speed vary from 4 -5 km/h (subject to people). With 1.73 km, it will take about 20-26 minutes.

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